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Counselling and Other CatholicCare Services

St Michael's works closely with CatholicCare to ensure the pastoral needs of all students and their families are supported. We aim to be proactive in meeting the social, emotional and spiritual needs of our students.


A CatholicCare school counsellor is available two days a week to work with children and their families to support their social and emotional wellbeing. Our CatholicCare counsellor provides a range of support, including individual sessions with students and or parents, consultation and support to school staff, and the delivery of group work programs for small groups and classes. 

Teachers or parents are able to make referrals to the principal. 

To book an appointment with our school counsellors, Shakira Sheean-Simpson and Kelly Cubis-Higgs, please contact the school office

(Please note, school counsellors only work part-time, so for any urgent matters, please contact the school office.)

Read more about CatholicCare’s counselling as part of their School, Student and Family Program (SSFP), which promotes the wellbeing and development of students attending Catholic schools in the Shoalhaven.

CatholicCare also provides counselling and a variety of courses and educational programs outside of school. For more information on these programs and services, visit the CEDoW information page and the CatholicCare website.

Did You Know: We also have a Pastoral Care Worker two days a week at St Michael's, and a Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA) to support students from Australian Defence Force families. Read more here